The business priorities are shifting during the next ten years due to the diversity of markets, customers, employee talent, and ideas. When you actually live and work in a foreign country, you notice contextual cues of the culture and how people behave. However, when your only touchpoint to a new culture is via emails and you have not experienced the culture yourself, the chances increase that you will miss the cultural subtleties influencing the communication. Often people concentrate on the individual ignoring the cultural background though of course, each of us have unique personal traits. When we understand different cultural backgrounds and each individual's working and learning style, we can create a cohesive team excited to exceed goals.

Numinos Coaching has created three different packages for companies to develop self-leadership, cultural intelligence, and inclusive leadership style. Each of the programs will be tailored according to the company's situation. However, all of them include either individual and/or group coaching to support employee’s personal and professional growth through encouraging self-discovery and accountability. By accomplishing that, an employee will achieve a higher level of motivation and wellbeing both work and during free time which will ultimately increase work performance. 

Ready to start expanding your company's horizons? 

- Discover your unique working style

Do you recognize how you utilize your brain? Do you know what senses you use when studying or working challenging tasks? Are you aware of how environments and your cultural background influence work performance?

  • Employee will gain deep insight own their unique working style through WSA- analysis

  • Employees will gain an understanding of how their own culture influences their behavior

  • Each analysis will include 1,5h coaching to find out individual strengths and development areas either face-to-face or as video call

  • After coaching, each employee have a better knowledge of how differently everyone works which will enhance understanding and flexibility especially in multicultural teams

  • Understanding how you work the best will increase motivation and work performance

  • Employee will also find out his or her non-preferences when working challenging tasks which will reduce frustration and stress levels

  • WSA- analysis can be conducted as a group analysis that will help the team and the leader to increase flexibility and motivation and utilize the team's strengths in an optimal way.



- Roadmap to understanding cultures

Are you aware of how your own culture affects the way you interact with others? Can you flex your communication and leadership style when working abroad? Do you have the ability to interpret cultural cues?

  • Employees will gain an understanding of how their own culture influences their behavior. 

  • Employee will become aware of the importance of cultural relation; how are two different culture in relation to each other


  • Employee will acknowledge different types of biases, for example, stereotypes

  • The coaching includes different communication styles and gives deeper knowledge of low and high context cultures

  • This coaching will also explain between communicating and evaluating in different cultures

  • Employees will gain an understanding of different types of scheduling styles and the reasons behind them

  • Overall, employee's will achieve an appreciation for cultural differences as well as respect for individual differences which will reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts

  • This coaching can be modified to leaders only

- Journey towards cultural awareness and diversity

How well do you support each employee's individual growth? Are you aware of your own leadership style? Have you taken into consideration cultural cues and biases when working towards cohesive teamwork?

  • Leader will gain a deep insight into his or hers unique working style through WSA- analysis which will enhance leadership skills

  • Each analysis will include 1,5h coaching to find out individual strengths and development areas either face-to-face or as video call

  • After coaching, each leader will have better knowledge how differently each team member works, thus leader can give instructions and tasks accordingly

  • Understanding how your team works the best will increase wellbeing and work performance

  • Understanding how cultural backgrounds influence working style, misunderstandings, and conflicts can be reduced.

  • Leader will learn to interpret cultural cues and flex his or her style according to cultural needs 

  • Leader will understand the value of diversity and the importance of becoming an inclusive leader

  • This program is a combination of the Enhance Self-leadership and Cultural Intelligence and will be customized according to company's needs including both individual coaching and workshops