5 Tips for Relaxation

Especially when coming from a being culture, finding a balance between work and free time is important. People who have a tendency towards the being culture, usually aim to work to live, instead vice versa. Here are my favorite ways to relax!

Beautiful scenery in Romania.
Is nature a calming element for you?

One of the best ways for me to relax is to go out in the nature with my dog and enjoy long walks and hikes. I put my phone on a silent mode and I listen to an audiobook or just the sounds of the nature. When I walk in the forest, I simply find it beautiful. Breathing the clean air and seeing how content my dog is, gives me so much energy! Moreover, breathing is one of the easiest way to relax body. Whether you are about have a difficult conversation with your partner or you have had a busy day, just inhale few time deeply and you feel your body relaxed instantly.

However, some days are just more stressful than others, so if I feel anxious during the day or in the evening, I do a short meditation to calm my mind. When I give myself a time to just breathe, I usually notice that the problems are not that big, or even better, I come up with the solution. If you want to take the breathing to the next level, try meditation. Apps like Simple Habit and Headspace are excellent for 5min guided meditation.

“Take a deep breathe and just enjoy your life”

Do you that meditation is not for you? Listen to music. It has been scientifically proven that music helps you to concentrate and relax. So just choose your favorite song and sing along! You can also try to make your body move; go to the gym or go dancing. For majority of people, moving your body releases endorphins which makes you feel happy. Lastly, engage with something you like whether it is reading, cooking, playing with your dog!