6 Travel Tips Learned During the Past Year

Today is my birthday so I decided to share what new traveling has taught me during the past year. Some lessons I have learned are stuff that I took as certainty yet this year gave a valuable reminder of the ever-changing world. Some lessons, however, strengthened my belief how amazingly traveling develops your skills for example problem-solving skills and flexibility. So here are my six tips for you:

1. Before you book your flights, make sure that you can actually enter the country

Even though you would be able to buy the flights, it does not mean that you can go through the border control. Some countries, for example, only allow citizens of specific countries to return as tourists. Most governments follow how the Covid19 is being controlled and determine based on that if the travel ban continues. So most importantly, make sure from your destination’s government website that you can arrive and if so, whether you need to spend any time in quarantine. Also, if you have a layover, make sure that there are no

restrictions when changing the flight. I recommend booking a flight directly from the airline’s website. If something happens, communication is a lot easier!

2. If traveling as a tourist, make sure that sightseeing is possible

In many countries, all the monuments, museums, and tourist attractions were closed including parks and beaches. For you to enjoy your stay, google the places you want to visit and confirm that they are open for tourists. Most places will open gradually, so there may be restricted visiting hours or days. For example, when we were in India, Agra, at 10 pm, our tour operator sent us a message that the Government of India has closed

all tourist attractions. You can read more about our trip to India here.

3. Prepare yourself for unexpected situations

We are living a time where the world is building a new norm. Even though you have checked everything from the list, you need to be prepared to face surprising situations.

This year I will be celebrating my birthday in Helsinki, Finland!

4. Keep an eye on the world's and destination's news

Situations change rapidly which means that in some countries on one day restrictions may

loosen and the next to get stricter. New regulations may show up within hours so make sure to follow the local news and government’s sites. Another good source of information is to follow your destination in social media where the news travels fast and you can also get local insight.

5. Fill your backpack with courage and excitement!

Traveling at the moment is causing mixed feelings. Do not let other people's opinions to influence your decisions. If you feel like going for a trip, just remember to do it safely and following all the guidelines! Traveling is chicken soup for the soul and cannot be replaced. Even though you will travel in a changing world, it does not mean you cannot enjoy it! All you need is courage, confidence, and self-leadership!

6. Trust your intuition and skills

For me, traveling is above all about experiencing and seeing something new. Even though I already have visited over 40 countries, each trip always surprises in some way. Moreover, I still get lost on the streets of big cities, I still need to change plans on the go because of the weather or some other surprising situation. However, I can cope with all of these by listening to my intuition, which means following my gut and whatever feels best to me. I trust this feeling more year after year and it is a scientifically proven way to also learn and process information!

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