Who Am I? From Backpacker to Cultural Intelligence Coach!

In this post I want to tell who am I, what I am passionate about, and how my travels took me working as a travel empowerer and cultural intelligence coach.

Where dreams come true

I love to travel and so far I have been able to visit more than 40 different countries. When I travel, I feel like I’m testing my boundaries, and every year I always end up planning more challenging trips. Experiencing new cultures and exhaling in wonderful places is like chicken soup for my soul.

Thanks to my passion for travel, I have been living in different parts of the world already since I turned 18 years old. So, as a high school graduate I packed my suitcase and left for a summer job at Disneyland Paris. I worked in a fast-food restaurant where I met amazing people from different cultures.

Embracing the world during studies

I have a bachelor degree in Hospitality management. Of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to study abroad, and therefore I spent spring 2013 under the Maltese sun. The exchange student experience has been one of the amazing times in my life and I can say that at that time, I learned more about myself than when sitting in the classroom.

I have also always been fascinated by volunteering and I ended up writing a thesis together with my friend about the effects of volunteering. To gain more material for the thesis, we went on a research trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we volunteered in a kindergarten at the shantytown. I spent my days in a small group of two and three-year-old kids, and once again, one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

From backpacker to CQ coach and travel empowerer

After graduation, I left to try out my limits in Australia; I quit my job, handed over the keys to my apartment, and packed my life in a backpack. I set off with three of my friends, but eventually our roads parted and I traveled in Australia solo. One of my most interesting experiences in Australia was working in a village called Yaraka, which was home to 20 people. YES, 20 people (and hundreds of kangaroos). I worked in a tiny village for 5 months at the hotel reception and in the bar and restaurant. The nearest shop was 300km away and the only '' entertainment '' was the caravan people sharing their stories at the bar counter with a pint in their hand.

That’s when I really learned to appreciate the little moments in life and be with your thoughts. In addition to the hotel, picking pumpkins in 30-degree heat, with long-sleeved clothes, surrounded by flies became familiar...

After my trip to Australia, I have been living in Finland full-time since 2016. Be advised though, that my husband is Mexican, so getting to know cultures and learning to combine Mexican and Finnish cultures in daily basis, is part of my everyday life.

In Finland, I have been working as a supervisor and team leader, and I have found a passion for people management and leadership. I am fascinated by how small changes in behavior, can have such a huge impact on someone's life. I especially love empowering people, which is one of the biggest reasons Numinos Coaching was founded.

I am currently studying Master of Business administration with a specialization in people and change management because I want to deepen my skills in leadership. Being able a combine my two passion, traveling and empowerment is perfect! You can read more about my job as a travel empowerer here.

One of my favourite spots is the Ankor Wat temples in Kambodia!
One of my favourite spots is the Ankor Wat temples in Kambodia!

At home, after a day of work, my dog ​​Ramón is waiting for me, with whom we go on long walks in nature every day. When listening to music in nature, I can always step by step shed the hustle and bustle of the day off my shoulders. If my head is still overthinking in the evening, a captivating novel or meditation are effective ways for me to calm down.

PS. No matter the weather, I have always woolly socks on (and they are also on top of my packing list)

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