How to Kick Off Holidays- Stress Free!

Summer holidays are approaching fast which for some people means more stress than relaxation. We may be stressed about all the tasks we need to accomplish before turning off the computer or we may be stressed about all the planning ahead for the trip abroad. Whatever situation you are in, remember what holidays are really about, RECHARGING!

1. This is your time to enjoy, recharge and relax so don't put your expectation too high, just go with the flow.

2. Make sure to put yourself on your priority list and in fact, high up on the list. If we are not feeling mentally, physically emotionally healthy, how can you have a good holiday?

3. Know what you want. Plan your holidays a little by little if you want to travel abroad. Don't leave everything in last minute unless that is actually the point for example buying a mystery package to a destination unknown. If your plan is to not to have a plan, then stick to that!

4. Get clear of your financials and time. You may have one week holiday or a whole month. Be realistic what you can actually achieve both money and time wise. Do you want to spend one week and 1000e travelling on the side of the world and feel tired the next Monday due to time difference or would it be better idea to spend a week by the lake?

5. To make sure that you make most out of your holiday, make sure that you feel comfortable leaving work! Try to inform your colleagues of the tasks you haven't been able to do and if they are not priority, they can wait few more weeks. When you leave work, turn off your computer, work phone and work mode!

Perfect place for relaxing is Whitehaven beach in Australia! A great spot to write a blog post Numinos Coaching :)
Perfect place for relaxing is Whitehaven beach in Australia!