The New Era of Traveling

Are you already dreaming of sand between your toes and the sound of the sea? So do I! You, too, must have stared at the empty walls of your home and looked out the window, sighing. Whether it is because of the email sent by the airline about the canceled trip or travel plans that have drained into the sewer, or the layoff that prevents you from going on a trip anymore.

In recent days, there has been light at the end of the tunnel as few airlines have returned to the sky. The world is slowly opening up and it is time to get used to the new norm, also in traveling. Although the tourism industry came to a near standstill almost entirely due to the corona and will rise slowly from its pit, I wholeheartedly believe that the tourism industry will flourish.

How hotels, airlines and tourist destinations adapt to new norms and standards, I can’t say yet. But I am sure that great innovations are created to ensure the safety of every traveler.

After this spring, I believe that everyone who goes on a trip will appreciate the feeling of freedom to travel even more. The very fact that we can enjoy dinner in a restaurant, explore new cultures and attractions without fear, are things that will we cherish in a new way. Were we too used being able to escape on a weekend getaways, book a last minute flight to Greece and hop on a train to eat seafood?

Think for a moment about your dream destination or your next adventure. Do you feel that since this spring, your trip has changed it's meaningfulness? Many of us have partially forgotten the deeper side of traveling. Not only did we travel to a new country, we traveled to visit our family, experience new cultures and learn more about ourselves.

After this spring each one of us will weight out what our heart desires and put more effort on our trip. Personally, I believe that people are looking for more well-being and empowerment in traveling. Even before the time of covid19, I found myself seeking to wander in the midst of nature so that my body and mind could recover.

Moreover, I realized that I traveled with my husband to strengthen our relationship and spend time with his family. I traveled with a friend to experience new things together. I traveled alone to try my limits, learn new skills, and develop as a human being. I traveled to shed stress and find happiness. I traveled to see new cultures. I traveled so I could create new memories. I traveled to connect with amazing people.

Perfect day in Whitsundays, Australia
One of the most beautiful places in the world, Whitsundays in Australia. I shared that day with my dear friend.

Traveling is chicken soup for the soul and cannot be replaced. Do you remember the scent of the salty sea as you enjoy a cold drink by the beach, the heat of the sun on your skin as you photograph something wonderful, the sounds of nature as you walk in the jungle, the feeling when you learn a new word in the local language, when you laugh with your loved one. Do you feel a warm and cozy feeling increasing inside you? Because of these memories and that feeling, traveling will return one way or the other.

My own desire to travel is so strong that I will be one of the first to wonder the new era of traveling either on the meadows of Scotland or under the hot sun of Cyprus. Are you going to be of the first to show your passport at the border control?

Bergen, Norway.
Traveling connects.