Sun, Sol and Mayan- Mexico

When you think about Mexico as holiday destination, it seems exotic and appealing; many of us have tried Mexican food, seen pictures of the beautiful beaches and heard a little of the history of Mayans. And let me tell you, I have traveled to a lot of different countries but Mexico has truly stolen my heart! My husband is Mexican so I have been lucky enough to get to know the culture really well.

But here are my tips for holiday in the Playa del Carmen and Cancun area!

Dive in to cenotes!

Let start with Cenotes! Cenotes are underwater sinkholes and caves and some of these cenotes are open like a lake, others completely closed with only a small opening. Each cenote is inhabited by colorful fish, some have cliffs to jump from or you can even find a zipline. There are more than 6000 of them in the Yucatan, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Mayans believed that cenotes were an entrance to the underworld, so they were often used for sacrifices. Most of the cenotes you access by taking a bus and walking 10-15min.

My favourite cenotes were cenote Jardin del Eden, cenote Azul and cenote Ik Hi which is a bit further away on the road Chitzen Itza. Whatever cenote you choose to visit, you will certainly enjoy it!

Talking about Chitzen Itza, it is definitely worth visiting! Tour is a good option but you can always rent a car. The area is big so make sure to eat well and have plenty of water with you. The history is really intresting so I highly suggested hiring a tour guide! Another place to visit is the ruins of Tulum. They are beautiful as well but not as impressive as Chitzen Itza.

If you want a different kind of activities, get to know to Xcaret and its sister parks. Xcaret is kind of like a Mexican theme park with zoo and shows. It is definitely whole day trip and I suggest that you plan your day ahead. There are several shows from Voladores to horse back riding, so do research what you want to see and what time do they perform. You can also book a swim with dolphines, sharks etc. In the evening there is amazing show about Mexican history, well worth seeing!

In general, people are really friendly and speak English. However, if you know Spanish, use it since people will try to charge you extra otherwise :)

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