Vikings and Waterfalls of Iceland

When you think about Iceland, you probably think about nature, vikings, rural areas and Icelandic horses. All those are true and even more beautiful than one would think! I went to Iceland in April 2018 and though it was a bit cold in a campervan, it was okay and most importantly, there were not that many tourists.

Experience a different style of traveling; rent a campervan!

If you want to travel outside a box, I definitely recommend renting a camper van and driving around Iceland. The Ring Road and Blue Lagoon can be done in four days yet driving around whole Iceland will take at least one week. When you are driving, you can decide how long to spent in each place and you can stop over and make some coffee in beautiful scenery. Driving in easy since there are not that many people along the roads. Just be careful with the wind when you open the doors, a guss of wind can be so strong it will damage the door.

Here are few places you should definitely visit:

1. Geysirs. The smell is funky there but once you get used it, the explosion of geysir is once in a lifetime experience!

2. Gullfoss. Massive waterfall that takes your breath away.

3. Skógafoss. Another beautiful waterfall but here you can actually climb on top of the waterfall. Make sure that water and little snack with you because there are few hundred steps before reaching the top.

4. Seljalandfoss. Again a lot waterfall but here you can go behind the waterfall, cool right?!

5. Reynisfjara aka the Black Beach. Here the beach is literally black so make sure to put it on your list!

Blue Lagoon is must!

If you visit Iceland, Blue Lagoon is a place you cannot miss! Tickets are expensive (80e per ticket) but for me it was worth the money. Make sure to book your Blue Lagoon tickets in advance since they have only limited tickets per day. Also, make sure you have enough time to spent in there, the heat of the lagoon is amazing!

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