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Turning cultural differences into organizational strengths






Did you know that most people get surprised how overwhelmed they feel when interacting with different cultures and adapting to new environments? Through self-leadership and cultural intelligence coaching, your employees will be prepared to embrace cultural differences and gain understanding how culture influences thinking patterns and behavior.

Numinos Coaching specializes in developing self-leadership skills by using working style analysis, and coaching cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership style. Instead of attracting new international talent to your company, why not focus on increasing the wellbeing and committement of the current employees?

WSA- working style analysis

Expanding Horizon

The journey of embracing new cultures is like a roller-coaster of emotions. Not only do your employees have to understand their culture but have a deeper in insight how is the relation between their culture and their colleague's.

During coaching, we will tackle the roadblocks that cause frustration, and discuss strengths and development areas to increase cultural intelligence.

Newspaper around the world to enhance cultural intelligence

Encouraging Curiosity

Adjusting to the new way of working can be time-consuming and stressful; how to adapt to the change, and how to understand the cultural behavior when it comes to intercultural communication.

With Numinos, your company will get tailored action steps and coaching based on the current situation and needs.



Diversity is important

Promoting Diversity

When your only touchpoint to a new culture is via emails and you have not experienced the culture yourself, the chances increase that you will miss the cultural subtleties influencing communication.

When we understand different cultural backgrounds and each individual's working and learning style, we can create a cohesive team excited to exceed goals, hence develop inclusive leadership style.

'' Tanja’s services supported us in the journey to know ourselves, become better professionals and better leaders. I strongly recommend Tanja as a coach and workshop moderator, and the WSA analysis as a meaningful and relevant tool to explore one self.''

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