WSA- working style analysis



Do you know what senses you use to solve tricky problems or what sort of environment boosts your creativity so that you can conquer the world? Are you aware of how you process information and whether you are naturally more analytical or holistic?

WSA stands for Working Style Analysis and it is an assessment tool that goes far beyond the psychological and intellectual features of a person, giving a profound and detailed insight into biological needs as well as learned working styles. The goal of the analysis is to help to recognize and to control the elements that can enhance attempts to solve problems, concentrate, learn, and work more efficiently and with greater satisfaction. If personal preferences are matched in work environments, the preferences become strengths and will improve productivity, consistency, and quality of work performance and overall wellbeing. WSA reveals what goes on in people's heads, how they think, what makes them succeed or fail, and how they need to be treated to allow them to grow and develop their full potential.

Each Working Style Analysis consists of broad written profile and action plan. The results of the analysis are gone through in an individual coaching session in order to gain a better understanding of each of the elements. A group profile is also possible to gain insight into the team's preferences and non-preferences.


WSA gives information on how you can learn and work better, hence become a better version of yourself.


Before you can lead others, you have to know yourself. Using your strengths as a leader and understanding diversity will give you valuable information to lead your team to a new level.


Each and every one of us is unique yet sometimes it can be challenging to understand why others do things differently. WSA profiles will give your team heureka-moments and enhance collaboration between teammates.


Building an efficient team isn't all about the CV and work experience, it is also about the diversity of the team. WSA helps to find the perfect fit for the team and help with relocation and onboarding process.


Working Style Analysis can be utilized in numerous ways thanks to it's broad and detailed structure. WSA-analysis can be added to all the services provided.

Prices starting from 297€ per person (+VAT 24%) including 2x1h coaching and a broad, written analysis.